The followings are Star Teacher's caring systems for teachers, which are designed to provide memorable and customized services;

Have a monthly meeting on regular basis with you and the school to check if there are any problems occurred between the school and you. In the event of conflicts or problems, we will be there to help you resolve the issues professionally and with good intent. If we are unable to resolve the problems for you, then we will guide you to the proper authority, office or individual who can.
Guide you through the entire hiring process. We have a global network across USA , Canada , and Australia which makes it easy for you to reach our local agent at realistic hours. Our local agent will assist you to get ready by providing all the necessary information and actions before you leave your home country. We also provide emergency Korean contact information to you prior to your departure.
Provide you with Star Teacher's settlement service which will help you to have all the necessaries with respect to social and economic needs inclusive of friends, bank accounts, cellular phones and etc.
Screen all schools and teaching positions and deal with reputable schools only: We will make sure that you are employed by the best school available to maximize your teaching experiences in Korea.
Assist contract negotiation: We will assist you with contract negotiation for better working environment and salary.
Provide Training Session by our designated staff prior to teaching at your school. There is lots of information you must be informed to adapt yourself to Korea and to minimize cultural conflicts.
Provide information about working environment: Photos of the school, size of the class, target students, working location, etc. We will provide you with enough information before the contract.
Open the contact point you can contact whenever you need. Feel free to contact us whenever you need an advice or information. In some cases, we might not be able to help you then we will arrange a person who can help you instead of us. If you have any problem with your employer, let us know, we will figure out a way to resolve the problem.
Help you prepare for the job interview: Our staff will help you out with your first interview for an ESL teaching position. We will guide you with what you should do and shouldn’t do with your future employers. We will provide possible interview questions and offer advices and tips for successful interview.