Subject : [Star Teachers] 6th Korean Class on Jan 22th, 2011

DATE. 2011-01-25 오후 4:26:47 Visit. 4106

[Star Teachers] 6th Korean Class on Jan 22th, 2011


Star Teachers 6th Korean Class at Work Maru, near Sa-dang Station(line no 2 & 4)

by Instructor: Sora Park


It was sooo cold. Thanks for coming all!

Korean made easy for beginers (17,000won=15$)

Don''t forget to bring the textbook! I''m not going to tell who did that haha.


We started the vocab test! You''ve got to study harder, okay?

Writing down the meaning in English to practise reading Korean

Each person spoke each Korean word as well.

Be quiet! We are doing a test-

Double combination vowels and double consonants are still hard to pronounce, right?

Don''t worry ! It takes some time :) Just look at my mouth and call me whenever you want to hear it! 


Next Korean Class will be on Feb, 12, 2011.

If anyone is interested, please contact us []

This class is opened to EVERYONE !