Subject : Free tickets for Non Verbal Performance "Bibab" sponsored by Star Teachers

DATE. 2011-10-24 오후 7:09:17 Visit. 4253

We, Star Teachers, are going to provide free Musical Tickets as below; Attached you will find more detailed information about the performance. The actual ticket price is 50,000Won but we''''''''ll provide it for free for promotion purpose. The performance will be held at City Hall area and the website is as below; The "Bibab" is a non verbal performance like "Nanta". If you wanna participate, please get back to us with the following information by Oct. 31st; Since we have to book for the tickets, your early response will be appreciated. R.S.V.P. 1. Name & Cell phone No. 2. Available date - Nov 13th(Sun) Bibap performance (6:00pm) or - Nov 19th (Sat) Bibap performance (8:00pm) 3. Numbers of Friends joining: _____ Contact point; E-mail : Office No. : 02-3487-8050 Since the tickets are only available for thirty people, your early response will be needed. Hope to see you guys soon! Jeff Lee Eunice Kim Jennifer Chung Amy Yoon