Subject : Panel seeks eased rules on E-2 visa

DATE. 2009-05-10 오후 5:11:47 Visit. 1621

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has asked the Justice Ministry to ease some restrictions on language instructors holding E-2 visas, allowing them to work at private firms or public agencies that are not equipped with educational facilities, the commission said yesterday.

Its officials said they made the request to make it easier for businesses and public facilities to hire foreign language teachers for English conversation sessions.

The commission also suggested enabling them to hire professional educational institutions to run the courses.

Currently, only a pool of organizations - foreign language academies, educational institutes that teach middle school students or above, lifelong education schools and businesses that have their own educational facilities - are permitted to go ahead with instructor-led free talking sessions in foreign languages by law.

Not only that, the firms needed to take full employment and management responsibility for the foreign instructors, making it almost impossible for some companies to make such moves, said officials at the anti-corruption agency.

"We project an additional 1.3 million people working at private and public to benefit from the revision made to the current system and expect to cut 120 billion won ($89.35 million) in the direct hiring costs of foreign instructors," a commission official said.

(Source : Korean Herald, Apr. 27, 2009)