Subject : Let''''s visit to DMZ(Panmunjom)

DATE. 2012-10-24 오전 11:22:24 Visit. 5409

*PANMUNJOM TOUR* 1. Itinerary 11:30 Departure from Hotel Lotte “DMZ Service Club” (6floor of the main building) 12:30 Lunch (Bulgogi) 13:40 Freedom bridge (Imjingak park) 14:00 Panmunjom Check Point 14:15 Arrive in Camp Bonifas 14:30 Slide briefing about Joint Security Area 15:00 JSA (Panmunjom) tour (Advanced camp-Freedom house-Conference room- Observation post of visitor-Bridge of No return-Stump of felled tree) 16:50 Leave for Seoul 17:50 Arrive at Hotel Lotte 2. Price : 73,000won (5,000won discounted price) (Transportation, English speaking guide, Lunch included) 3. Dress code -Dress code violators will not be permitted tour to the JSA. 1) A hole on pants or faded jeans (Basic jeans are O.K) 2) Top and sleeveless 3) Mini skirts, sports wear, short pants and slippers, sandals 4) Military style look, round neck T-shirts(must be collared shirts) 5) Any form fitting clothing of any type including tight knit tops or pants. 6) leather pants 4. Cancellation charge -There is 100% charge 2day before tour day. 5. You should bring your passport on the tour day. 6. Available date - November : 17th , 18th, 24th. 25th - December : 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th ** Please send email for reservation! We also welcome your questions. For additional information please see our website at — at DMZ, Panmunjom.