Subject : International Tourists to Korea Top 1 mln in March

DATE. 2013-05-22 오후 3:11:08 Visit. 1249

March of 2013 saw the arrival of over one million international tourists to Korea. It was the second time international visitors topped one million in one month, with the first instance being in July of last year. The overall number of international tourists to Korea exceeded 11 million in 2012, meaning that March’s milestone is a strong indicator that tourists are on track to top 10 million again this year. Korea has maintained its longstanding reputation as a safe tourist destination, as international tourists have been seemingly undaunted by the foreign media’s fixed gaze on North Korea. The number of Chinese tourists to Korea increased by more than 50% compared to last year, and a growing number of tourists from other countries including Thailand and Singapore have been choosing Korea as their vacation destination. Korea is planning to enhance its competitiveness as a travel destination by developing various tourism programs that will attract the attention of travelers abroad, and working constantly toward improvement.