Subject : “K-Shuttle” Tour Bus for Foreigners Resumes Operation

DATE. 2013-07-12 오후 2:43:30 Visit. 1394

K-Shuttle, a foreigner-only tour bus that started in July last year, has added more stops to their itineraries. The standard itinerary comprising of three days and two nights has been extended to five days and four nights. Due to the cooperation of seven Korean local governments including Seoul Metropolitan Government, Busan Metropolitan City, Gangwon-do, Chungcheongnam-do and Jeollanam-do, K-Shuttle is now able to offer more diverse tour packages throughout fifteen cities in total. K-Shuttle runs daily, including holidays, and courses can be selected as desired. There are four courses to choose from for the two-day/one-night itinerary, three courses for the three-day/two-night itinerary, and two courses for the four-day/three-night itinerary. Especially when departing from Seoul, the five-day/four-night package offers a better opportunity to explore more tourist attractions. The costs, regardless of the course, are as follows: $239 for the two-day/one-night tour; $349 for the three-day/two-night tour; $459 for the four-day/three-night tour; and $549 for the five-day/four-night tour. K-Shuttle also provides a luxury limousine bus (36-seater) and professional tour guide-interpreters (English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian) for the convenience of its passengers. Online reservation is available on the official K-Shuttle website ( Please contact their customer service center (+82-1899-2508) for further inquiries.