Subject : [Star Teachers] 2nd Korean Class on Nov 20th, 2010 Id : starteachers    

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[Star Teachers] 2nd Korean Class on Nov 20th, 2010


Star Teacher Second Korean Class at ATwosomePlace, near Seolleung station :)

by Instructor: Sora Park

We''ve learned Korean further Alphabets and Numbering system.



After the class, three of us went to Itaewon and

others went to the Korean folk museum in Lotte World.

There was a fabulous Korean traditional restaurant.

We got Jeff(right) and Jason(left)

Sean & Liz waiting for food~!

We had Mak-geol-li (unrefined rice wine) there, it was the best one I''''''''''''''''ve ever had!

We also ate ''''''''''''''''Pajeon.'''''''''''''''' It''''''''''''''''s like a Korean pancake.


We went to the video game room, yay! (Go Jason!)

Wish other teachers could come as well.


Sorry for the late upload :(