Subject : [Star Teachers] 5th Korean Class on Jan 8th, 2011 Id : starteachers    

DATE. 2011-01-10 오후 5:05:27 Visit. 1725


[Star Teachers] 5th Korean Class on Jan 8th, 2011


Star Teacher 5th Korean Class at Work Maru, near Sa-dang Station(line no 2 & 4)

by Instructor: Sora Park

It was the first class of 2011! Happy New Year everyone (새해 복 많이 받으세요)


We changed the place :) Such a nice & calm place.

We got a new text book - Korean made easy for beginers (17,000won=15$)

After Chiristmas weekends and New year''s weekends,

We finally met! It''s been 3 weeks-


Especially, we did focus on the pronunciation.

Look at me, my mouth! :D


Next Korean Class will be on Jan 22th, 2011.

If anyone is interested, please contact us []

This class is opened to EVERYONE !