Subject : From Ivan

DATE. 2013-05-21 오전 8:54:32 Visit. 1220


    I had been wanting to come to Korea for a while, I talked to some other recruiting companies who did not take me too seriously, or took too long to reply .But as soon as I got the wonderful Jennifer from Star Teachers I stopped talking to other recruiters because I could tell she really cared about me as if I was her only client and ensured I got a job that filled all my criteria.

    She contacted me with a wealth of great jobs that I had to narrow down. Finally she told me about the place I currently work at now. She spoke really highly of them and their owner/director. I could tell that was a job I really wanted, and so could she. She immediately got them my resume and got me an interview with them .She would always call or contact me before and after an interview to remind me I had an interview and to ask me how it went and how I felt about the school and directors.

    We were able to get a job in like 2 weeks of working together when I had been trying to get other people to help me long before that. I am so grateful Jennifer came along and got me connected to the people where I work now. This job, city, and life have been even more so than I could have imagined.

    And once we secured the job she did an amazing job with making sure I had everything ready and my flight was way less than I could have found (trust me I looked) and it was purchased a few days before because my school wanted me ASAP.

    Without Jennifer I may very well still be in Texas as opposed to beautiful Bundang. This testimonial doesn''t even do justice to how amazing Jennifer and all of the people at Star Teachers are. I will gladly recommend to any of my friends or anyone else to use Star Teachers and specifically Jennifer. They are great!


    Ivan Sarabia