Subject : From Jennifer

DATE. 2013-05-30 오후 5:14:35 Visit. 1962

Star Teachers are stars! We had very specific requests for our second year of teaching in Korea. We wanted to be in Okpo on Geoje Island, and we wanted to teach in public schools. We contacted star teachers on March 1. Within 2 weeks, both my boyfriend and I had public school jobs in Okpo, on Geoje Island - and we wouldn''t have been able to do this without Emily from Star Teachers. Not only did Emily match us to the jobs, but she also supported us all through the application process. She helped us with our application forms, she liaised with the education office and gave us interview advise, and then she helped us to process our visas. At every point, Emily was friendly, fun and helpful - and we have these great jobs thanks to her. I would highly recommend Star Teachers. I don''t think we would be here if it wasn''t for them.