Subject : From Lawrence

DATE. 2013-10-21 오전 10:35:07 Visit. 2058



 I''m writing this in reference to Jennifer Chung and Star Teachers. I would like to express my gratitude to her for finding me a suitable working position in Korea. Jennifer was especially helpful and worked consistently to find me a good position.

 At the time I was using maybe 10 to 15 recruiters but no other recruiter helped me as much as Jennifer and Star Teachers. She kept in constant contact with me, acquiring and giving me information and setting up various interviews for my desired location. 

 This was more than any of the other recruiters did for me.  
 She also checked to see how successful each interview was and also checked on how my new job in Gwacheon was going. 

 Jennifer and Star Teachers did an excellent job for me and I would definitely use them in the future. I have recently recommended the company to friends and other contacts as I feel they were very trustworthy and  worked hard to insure I got a good position.

 Lawrence Dobbs