Subject : From Phillip

DATE. 2013-11-21 오후 3:07:38 Visit. 1762

Hi my name is Phillip and I wanted to write this testimonial because Star Teaches and more specifically Jennifer was outstanding throughout the whole process.
I have experience working in Seoul before so I was a little picky at times about what jobs I looked at but Jennifer was not discouraged. She took all my requests, plugged them into her formula and it worked out great. I ended up with a job that I am very happy with and in a great location within the city.
 I had the challenge of needing to arrive at a certain time and everything was handled great. Even being across the world we were able to communicate every day. I think we sent almost 100 emails back and forth. 
When I begin a job search for my future in Korea I will not hesitate to contact Star Teachers and Jennifer. They are very positive and can help you find what you''re looking for in Korea.