Subject : From Lee

DATE. 2014-01-17 오전 9:41:12 Visit. 2120



   Jennifer at Star Teachers is the portrait of kindness and diligence. She continually searched out new

opportunities for me and repeatedly presented good schools, despite my persistent pickiness. When

I interviewed for the school I now work at, she kept me updated every step of the way and provided

good advice and encouragement. She even called me on the morning of each of my three interviews

to encourage me before I went in. This is above and beyond the call of any recruiter, and I will never

forget it. Once I had been offered the job, she then helped me with detailed information and did all of

the calling around that was necessary for my visa transfer.


   I work for a good school and have great joy in my work. I’m an instructor in the English center of a

public school in Seoul. The other two teachers in my center are kind and helpful and my director

speaks English well and gives good direction and encouragement. I love my job and I’m very grateful

to Jennifer for her hard work in finding such a good and unique job opportunity for me. I would highly

recommend anyone else in need of a recruiter to contact Jennifer.




Lee Markey