Subject : from Phillip

DATE. 2014-07-28 오전 10:32:44 Visit. 1759

My name is Phillip and I would like to share my experience with Sandra, from Starteachers. I have been teaching in Seoul for several years, so when looking for a new job I knew exactly what I wanted and was very specific about where I would end up working. When Sandra contacted me, she promised she would work hard to find exactly the opportunities that I needed. Sandra wasted no time and put me in contact with several schools that fit my preferences. After only a short time she found the perfect job and was able to set up an interview that very week for me. Every email and phone call was professional and helpful, not only while I was in Korea but while I was home in America also. She did a great job of preparing me and documents for my return to Seoul, all the way up to the day I moved into my apartment and the first days of my job. Sandra was very helpful through the whole process and has assured me that should any problems arise, I am free to contact her for help or advise. I would recommend Sandra to anyone interested in working in Seoul, as I know first hand she will work very hard to find the best situation for you.