Subject : From Maria

DATE. 2015-03-02 오후 2:09:11 Visit. 2029

I had the privilege to work with Jospeh at Star Teachers. Let me begin by saying I worked with other recruiters and I did not feel the need to recommend them. From the very start it was about me, where I wanted to be, what I was looking for and then he gave me a realistic picture of the possibilities. He made it a point to put a face to my name and skped called within of week of first contact. This made me feel confident and trust worthy of him. Although my placement was months away he still replied to my messages with priority and I never felt like I was a back burner. I can tell you that one other recruiter even messaged me with a different name. If you want a recruiter who will build rapport and have your back in Korea this is a great recruiter to go with. He knows South Korea and America very well, he can tell you the upfront truth without any benefit to him. Great solid company and will make sure you end up in a good place. Maria