In Korean schools, there is no teaching experience or teaching degree required to teach English in Korea; as long as you have bachelor level degree. Over 10,000 ESL teachers come to Korea as first time teachers every year. Some Korean schools prefer experienced ESL teachers while other schools employ teachers with no previous experience.

Previous experience or related major is not necessary, but schools are looking for a teacher with friendly, outgoing and caring personality. With a good personality, interest in teaching and a love for children, there will be tons of job opportunities waiting for you.

Job options for first time teachers in Korea.

First time ESL teachers and recent graduates have two primary choices:

Private schools in Korea or public schools in Korea.

Most first time ESL teachers can expect to make 2 million won ~ 2.2 million won a month in the private sector and 1.9 million won, 2.1 million won in the public sector.

If you have no experience and are expecting to make 2.5 million won or more each month then chances are we won't be able to help you. Yes, we realize there are certain jobs posted on various sites and forums that offer substantially more, however, if you read the fine print or actually apply for the job you will likely find they are looking for someone who has specific qualifications or is willing to work above and beyond the normal 30 hour work week. Many sneaky recruiters post jobs online with really high wages in order to get more people to apply, however, once you make contact they send you offer's for substantially less

It is important to understand that there are industry standards in Korea and rarely do employers offer salaries above and beyond these standards. Additionally, private schools employ numerous western teachers and it's not possible for them to offer higher salaries to specific individuals when they already employ people (with the same qualifications) who are making a set would cause too many issues between co-workers.

Having a degree in education, English or Linguistics or legitimate certificate in teaching, you should be able to be paid more. However, the information on this page does not pertain to people with TESOL or TEFL certificates.

Generally, you can earn between 2.3 ~ 2.9 million won/month in the private job sector. Salaries will vary depending on the qualification, previous experience and the location of the school.

Salaries will vary based on the location of the school. If you want to maximize your monthly salary, it is recommended that you consider working in Seoul. Due to high focus on English education, there are a lot of high paying private schools in Seoul . You will be offered lower pay in most of the schools located outside Seoul .

If you are interested in teaching university or college students, you might have to do in person interview; some Korean universities require it. Despite its high hiring standards, many universities have a long waiting list of ESL teachers.