If you plan to teach English in Korea , you need to prepare the documents listed below.

Without the required documents, you will not be able to get an E-2 Visa. If you do not have those documents prepared in time, your visa processing will be delayed and you might miss the opportunity teach English in Korea . Therefore, if you have made your decision to be an ESL teacher in Korea , you should start preparing the documents now.


One of the following

Copy of diploma apostilled by State Capital
Copied diploma
(It needs to get notary from Notary Public in the province and must have the apostille stamp from the Korean Consulate. The original one will not work anymore.)
Self-medical form(download)
Hard copy of your resume, including cover letter
Apostilled Criminal Record (All countries excepting Canada)
- USA: You get Apostilled Criminal Record from FBI(must be national wide).(It takes 8~12weeks)
- Canada: Canadian citizens simply need to bring their Criminal Record Check, issued by any police force in Canada , to the Canadian Embassy. The Criminal Record Check no longer needs to include a Vulnerable Sector Check. Once at the Embassy, you will be required to swear a statutory declaration that the CRC is accurate and valid.. The Embassy has a standard form for the statutory declaration. There is a C$50 charge (payable in Won equivalent) for this service. Once the statutory declaration is sworn, the Embassy will seal the statutory declaration to the criminal record check. You will then need to submit the statutory declaration and CRC to the Immigration Bureau.
(*CRC has to be notarized from Notary Public and must get apostille stamp from Korean Consulate.)
Copy of your passport (information Page with your signature and picture)
Two passport picture
Visa application form