* NAME Thelmar ***** * Gender F
* Current Location South Africa * Citizenship South Africa
Date of Birth 2020-1-1 State/Province
* Place of birth South Africa City
Available time for the phone interview anytime

School Name Major Minor Completion
Complete/In Progress
Undergraduate School University of Pretoria English C
Graduate School
ㆍDo you have any Certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or other Certificates) Y
Certificate Subject Institution Issue Date
Total Hours
TEFL English i to i (lovetefl) 11/18 120

ㆍDo you have your Passport? Y
ㆍDo you have your official transcripts N
ㆍHave you visited Korea Before? Y
ㆍDo you have any medical conditions that overseas employer should be aware of? N
ㆍHave you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? N
ㆍPrevious ESL experience? Y
ㆍPrevious Teaching Experience? Y
ㆍCurrent Visa Type (Only for applicant currently residing in Korea)

Possible starting date 2020-3-1 HousingType Studio
1st Desire Location Busan 2nd Desire Location No Preference