Since learning English is the social trend in Korea , the English education market is growing rapidly. There are over 60,000 private language schools in Korea and more job openings in over 3,500 public schools in Korea . Private school market, so called Hakwon in Korea , is a lucrative business. A lot of students attend one or more Hakwons after school. More than 95 % of westerners in Korea have teaching jobs in Hakwons.

Our role is to provide you with teaching positions available. More, we will assist your contract negotiation, provide information about the working environment, help you with the visa acquisition process and guide you through all the process to place you in a better position.

Korea is a great place to live in for several reasons. First, Korea is one of the highest paying countries for ESL teachers. Taxes are low and cost of living is also low. Secondly, it is a great place to visit, not only for its beautiful scenery, also for its inexpensive travel opportunities. Moreover, Korea is safe for foreigners. It is safe to walk around the streets late at night.

For some people, Korea is a good place to live and for others Korea is a challenging place to live. Be open-minded. Get ready to adapt yourself to a new environment and come to Korea with a positive attitude. Teaching English in Korea might be challeneable, but it will be well worth it.